The Rising Importance of Performance Influencer Marketing

Mar 5, 2021 - 2 min. read

The most significant incremental opportunity for Growth Marketing in 2021 might surprise you. 

I have worked in digital growth marketing for the last 20 years, serving in various senior roles on both the industry’s demand and supply sides. In recent years, I’ve seen social teams at leading brands significantly scale up their efforts to work with social influencers to create engaging content about their products and services. That’s no surprise, given that the brands’ target audiences are increasingly spending their time on social media platforms following influencers.  

For many of these brands, their influencer marketing success metric is earned media value (EMV). As growth marketers, we look at EMV with envy compared to the more challenging performance metrics we are held accountable for, such as cost-per-conversion or return on ad spend. Have you ever known a CFO to run to the social team mid-quarter and say, “We need to get more EMV to hit our sales and earnings target?” I didn’t think so.  

The new reality is that the social media team is now the most significant incremental opportunity for growth marketers, and they had better have a plan for when the CFO calls! 

Surprised? Influencer marketing has converged with traditional performance marketing channels such as Facebook ads and affiliate marketing. Instead of getting just EMV from an influencer post, you can get fresh, authentic content and incremental audiences for your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns that immediately boost performance metrics like cost-per-conversion or return on ad spend. Also, instead of just getting authentic product content, you can get clicks and conversions.

By onboarding your influencers into your affiliate marketing platform, requesting that they add links or promo codes to their content, you will drive incremental clicks and conversions on your website. You can even now easily discover which of your current customers are influential in social media and automatically recruit and approve them into your affiliate marketing program.

The good news: the Creator IQ platform seamlessly integrates with Facebook ads and your preferred affiliate marketing platform to provide you with the tools and services you will need to automate workflows and scale social influencer relationships to get meaningful results. Reach out and let us show you how it can be done. I guarantee that we can help you implement an influencer performance strategy that will get the incremental results that your CFO will soon be calling on you to deliver.

For more information on how CreatorIQ can help optimize and streamline your performance influencer marketing efforts, reach out to and schedule a demo.