Designed by experts, for innovators

Not a marketplace. Not an agency. We are pure technology.

Our system of record, built by engineers and strategists at the forefront of influencer marketing, allows progressive enterprises to scale their brand advocacy programs.

Search Confidently

Our Discovery platform delivers the most accurate brand-to-creator matching in the industry. The AI-powered engine pairs IBM Watson machine learning with our proprietary interest methodology to identify, measure, and validate the most relevant creators for your campaigns. We work across every major social platform.

Collaborate Effectively

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to secure collaboration. Your private enterprise-grade CRM overlays proprietary data, controls user access rights, and stores your full history with creators. Collaborate with internal and external teams to approve creators and content.

Measure Precisely

Activate creators and monitor compliance with the most robust campaign tracking system in the industry. Our solution allows you to automate workflows and measure all key metrics across Instagram (including Instagram Stories), YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Easily integrate other key platforms like Snapchat and O&O websites.

Report Beautifully

Create visually-stunning, data-driven campaign reports in real time. Publish and share dashboards with internal and external teams, and export all key data into your proprietary DMP or internal systems.

Integrate Seamlessly

Ingest important 3rd-party insights into CreatorIQ and feed data into your own secure DMP. Supported third-party systems include top analytics platforms, visualization tools, document management, payment solutions, and data suites.