Seamless Experience

Create a seamless experience in a single destination for creators who join your network. A flexible, templated workflow lets you configure elements of design and onboarding so you capture what you need while enabling creators to view and manage all aspects of their campaign opportunities.

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Easy Onboarding

Eliminate onboarding friction by leading creators through a step-by-step process to join your private network and authenticate social accounts. Offer the option to upload tax documents and share payment information.

Built-in Surveys

Develop rich creator profiles by gathering information through simple surveys built into the onboarding process. Supports up to 17 custom data fields across several question formats that load automatically into your Social CRM.

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Secure Environment

All information collected is secured and governed by current data privacy and GDPR standards so creators feel comfortable sharing personal information, and you have a centralized database that is safeguarded and compliant.

"CreatorIQ has empowered us to measure the effectiveness of our online social community of passionate brand ambassadors and fans who embody the ethos of YETI."
Bill Neff, Marketing Director, YETI

Creator Pay

Fully integrated global payments to streamline accounting

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