There’s a Better Way to Find Creators

The first step in a successful brand advocacy campaign is finding perfect talent: resonant to your brand, with an authentic following and a creative output that matches your product. But with billions of active social media accounts to consider, finding the perfect...

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DMN with Tim Sovay, COO, CreatorIQ

Resolved on Better Marketing for 2018: Part Four In their roundup of industry leaders' marketing strategies for 2018, DMN quotes CreatorIQ COO Tim Sovay's predictions on the future growth of influencer marketing and the maturation of platforms that are helping support...

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CreatorIQ Announces Webinar Series

  Interested in learning more about industry best practices and how to get the most out of CreatorIQ’s platform? You’re in luck! Check out our webinar series designed to transform you into a CreatorIQ pro. Instagram and Facebook Reporting Watch...

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