CreatorIQ Announces Webinar Series

  Interested in learning more about industry best practices and how to get the most out of CreatorIQ’s platform? You’re in luck! Check out our webinar series designed to transform you into a CreatorIQ pro. Instagram and Facebook Reporting Watch...

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3 Trends Shaping Back-to-School Marketing in 2017

 Back-to-school shopping season is the second-biggest retail event after the holiday season, and with sales results suggesting online shopping is more important than ever, brand marketers and retailers this year are embracing several emerging strategies to ensure they engage students and parents in digital channels, whether they convert online or in a store.

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Amazon Expands Influencer Program

It’s not really clear how Spark and Amazon’s other social influencers efforts are linked, TechCrunch says, but together the programs indicate an emerging effort to engage shoppers with content beyond Amazon’s already influential reviews system.

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