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Decoding Deduplication | White Paper Download

Decoding Deduplication: Peering Through the Fog of Audience OverlapWhen audiences are added up among large digital creators, the numbers can rival the populations of entire continents. These sums, though, do not account for deduplication -- that is, the total audience...

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Influencer Data Mapping | White Paper Download

Influencer Data Mapping: Unlocking the ROI of Your Influencer Strategy By blending rich audience data and performance metrics in traditional marketing contexts, we're fundamentally changing the way brands scale social media research. Find first-party industry insights...

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Fighting Follower Fraud | White Paper Download

Fighting Follower Fraud Every successful new media sector deals with some type of fraud as the space matures. Learn how to safeguard a brand’s value with a data-first approach to creator audience integrity. [contact-form-7 id="5159" title="Whitepaper"...

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