Part 3) The Importance of Industry Reviews & Rankings When Selecting the Best Influencer Marketing Platform

Oct 28, 2020 - 4 min. read

If you’ve reached this third blog post in our 13 part series, it’s because you know that selecting the right influencer marketing platform is one of the most important decisions related to your program’s success – and so you are continuing to do your homework. And doing your homework makes sense because you are eager to experience some of the most significant benefits such as:

  • Uniting teams, offices, regions, and partners for complete influencer marketing transparency & control
  • Growing programs and increasing the operational efficiency with a scaled approach to influencer recruitment, onboarding, communications, and measurement
  • Automating the set-up, management, and tracking of campaigns and content

If you read the previous two blog posts in this 13 part series, you already know what to expect when it comes to:

  1. The influencer marketing platform selection process, i.e. timelines, questions to ask, etc.
  2. How your long-term influencer marketing strategy will help inform your decision.

If you would like to skip clicking around to each post in this series and simply download all 20 pages, we published a user-friendly guide and practical workbook to arm you with considerations while evaluating prospective influencer marketing platforms. Each of the 13 blog posts is a unique chapter in the guide & workbook which you can see outline below:

Selecting an Enterprise Marketing Platform

13 Part Blog Series

  1. The 5 Typical Stages When Evaluating an Influencer Marketing Platform
  2. Thinking about Your Long-term Influencer Marketing Strategy
  3. Important Industry Reviews & Rankings
  4. Governance, i.e., User Permission Levels, Customization, and Security
  5. All Things Data, i.e., Data Ownership & Data Science
  6. Platforms with Different Types of Services
  7. Searching for Influencers
  8. Vetting Influencers
  9. Influencer Recommendations and Approvals
  10. Campaign Management
  11. Measurement & Reporting
  12. Managing an Influencer Database (CRM)
  13. Integrations & APIs

 Download the Complete, 13 Part Guide & Workbook

Let’s move on to our third post in this series. As you know, the influencer marketing platform landscape is continuously evolving, and companies like CreatorIQ innovate quickly to stay ahead of the latest trends and meet changing customer requirements. These changes made by the many platforms pose a real challenge when evaluating them because they all seem to say the same thing and it’s not clear who to believe. One of the most efficient ways to make sense of all of the competing noise is to look at what the market is saying. That’s why looking at third-party, credible resources that specialize in platform reviews can be an amazing, time-saving resource. Here are three primary third parties that review the influencer marketing platform space. 

The Three Primary Third Parties - FORRESTER, G2, Influencer Marketing Hub

1. Forrester – the Market-leading Research Firm 

For over 35 years, Forrester has been a global market research leader that gives consumer business and technology leaders a path to navigate what’s happening now and in the future.

FORRESTER New Wave: Leader 2020

A quick #humblebrag: CreatorIQ was recognized as a Leader in The Forrester New New Wave™: Influencer Marketing Solutions Q2, 2020. Forrester evaluated 12 influencer marketing companies during the process, scoring all on ten criteria covering current offering as well as strategy. Download the Forrester report here

[CreatorIQ] Stands out as the highest performing pure-play in-house influencer platform. Some of the world’s largest brand holding companies and ecommerce retailers use CreatorIQ to manage tens of thousands of influencers. Its strengths include depth of influencer talent (with 17m+ global profiles), analytics, and data science capabilities.”

2. G2 – the World’s Largest Tech Marketplace for Discovering Software 

To date, G2 has published over 1M reviews, and over 4M visitors are helping millions of businesses make better buying decisions. The trusted website has changed the way businesses research, purchase, and manage their software and services. 

G2 Grid for Influencer Marketing

Another quick #humblebrag: We were recognized as the #1 Platform for G2’s Influencer Marketing Software category. We also ranked #16 on their list of fastest-growing software companies in the world, alongside companies like Zoom and initiatives like Microsoft Teams.

G2 Momentum 2020 Leader Awards

3. Influencer Marketing Hub – the Leading Resource for Influencers, Agencies, &  Brands 

Influencer Marketing Hub reviews aim to give a better overview of features, benefits and pricing of the industry-leading influencer marketing platforms. We were listed #1 on their Influencer Marketing Platform Reviews page. 

    • To see each platform’s respective Influencer Marketing Hub score here.


Research the leading platforms’ LinkedIn Insights pages to understand things like:

  • Total Employee Count – you may be surprised how small some of the platforms are – many having fewer than 50 employees.
  • Employee distribution and headcount growth by function
    • Be sure to focus on Engineering, i.e., the more engineers, the bigger the team building their technology.
  • Company growth, i.e., is the company stable and growing? In emerging technology spaces, stability is essential.

Advanced: Check out the venture capital each platform has raised

  • Only the healthiest, fastest-growing, and stable companies with low customer turnover can continue raising venture capital.
    • The only platform that has raised a Series C is CreatorIQ.
    • Read more here

The Takeaway 

There are several aspects to consider when selecting an influencer marketing platform. Our next blog post will discuss an often overlooked factor in the decision making process – user rights, permission levels, customization, and security. Get the complete Guide & Workbook for Selecting an Enterprise Influencer Marketing Platform or stay tuned for the next blog post.