Part 9) How to Evaluate Influencer Marketing Platforms’ Collaboration and Approval Solutions

Jan 15, 2021 - 3 min. read

Once you have selected and vetted the influencers with whom you want to work for a project or campaign, it’s time to share your roster of talent with your team and stakeholders for feedback and approval. Doing this manually is a laborious process, which is why collaboration and sharing are key functionalities of a comprehensive influencer marketing platform. 

While you learn about the sharing and collaboration functionalities within influencer marketing platforms, be sure to also read through the other articles in this 13-part blog series dedicated to helping you select the right influencer marketing platform. There are many things to consider as you evaluate prospective solution providers.

Selecting an Enterprise Marketing Platform

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Depending on the scope of the influencer marketing campaign, you may need to share your findings and content with multiple stakeholders for approval, so having the ability to customize communication and ensure that everyone is only receiving the information relevant to them is essential. The right influencer marketing platform will streamline the communication between teams for easy approval to eliminate unnecessary steps and set up campaigns for success. 

No two influencer collaborations are the same and each campaign will have different objectives and KPIs, which means that the expectations of different stakeholders will vary as well. While key metrics and top-line information might suffice for higher-level stakeholders, hands-on team members may need a more exhaustive presentation including metrics, targeting, content, and whatever else your campaign requires for success. The ability to pull several custom one-sheets from one platform and present the right information to the right people will cut time and effort, helping to ensure speedy approval and launch.


Communicating influencer candidates for feedback and approval through a streamlined, centralized process can save considerable time and ensure timely campaign launch.

Questions to Ask: 

      • Ask to speak with each platform’s customers about the technology solutions to manage this process. 
      • Does the platform allow for multi-stakeholder review, even if those stakeholders don’t have platform logins? 
      • Does the platform make it easy to share critical information about influencer recommendations in a user-friendly dashboard?

To enhance the ease of use among teams, an influencer marketing platform should also enable centralized solutions on collaboration, sharing, and approvals without requiring viewers and editors to log in. Trying to collaborate internally and externally on influencer presentations via endless email chains, Google Sheets, and slides, often sends marketers into a spiral, adding unnecessary layers and time to what should be a centralized process.

Being able to easily share generations of feedback with multiple stakeholders in an organization will eliminate a lot of logistical, communication, and alignment headaches.

You know you can customize your report, you know you can effortlessly share it with people on your team, but what if you need to present under a different brand or company name? Consider inquiring about the ability to white label your presentations if you’re an agency, or if you ever find yourself needing to present to different regional teams or different brands within one organization.To make shopping for the right influencer marketing solution simpler, consider using a checklist like the one below. For more inspiration, view our influencer platform buyer guide checklists here.

influencer Sharing and Collaboration


The Takeaway

Efficiently finding the right influencers within the ever-increasing number saturating social media is just half the battle. Presenting to hands-on stakeholders within an organization or to clients who aren’t as familiar with the nuts and bolts of influencer marketing requires customizable sharing solutions to avoid unnecessary friction and ensure a well-timed launch of a campaign. 

There are several other things to consider when choosing an influencer marketing platform. Our next blog post will discuss the importance of advanced campaign management capabilities within influencer marketing platforms. Get the complete Guide & Workbook for Selecting an Enterprise Influencer Marketing Platform or stay tuned for the next post.